Sunday, 12 January 2014

Thieves Blend

After spending Christmas in bed ill, I was introduced to Thieves Blend by the lovely Tina Dennett, she sent me an email with her recipe, which I have copied below. You can google the term and find any number of sites giving their take on the blend, but essentially it is the ultimate anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, immune boosting blend out there, many thanks for sharing Tina:

Basic Recipe for Thieves blend below. Makes 10ml of neat blend which goes a long way.

60 drops Clove bud oil
50 drops Lemon
30 drops Cinnamon Bark ( I do substitute for leaf & this works well for me)
25 drops Eucalyptus (any of the eucalyptus oils can be used)
15 drops Rosemary

Store in dark 10ml bottle out of sunlight.
Any of the following can be added (max of 15 drops of any) by reducing the main recipe, but do not reduce any of the above ingredients by more than 5 drops each.

Hyssop (a very effective immune booster)

To make up mouth wash:
10 drops of Thieves Blend
1 tsp vodka ( acts as a short term preservative)
Make up to 200 ml with spring/mineral water
Store in dark 200ml bottle out of sunlight

Gargle & rinse mouth 2x daily as preventative or as needed up to 4x daily

This is a really potent blend and should never be applied neat on to the skin as it can burn. I also mix 10 drops with 15ml beeswax to rub under nose, very good for clearing the head.
Personally I increase the amount of lemon in the mouth wash, once I've made the bottle up I add another 5 drops of lemon, find the taste is better plus the lemon is an immune booster & an antiviral.

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