Friday, 30 October 2009

The British In Bed

I watched The British in Bed last night, BBC 2, it was lovely, made me feel humble and happy
I loved the elderly Jewish couple, the Sikh couple, and the lady who made bead jewellry - get yourself down to Relate, drag your husband there, save your marriage and buy a large box to tidy all your beads away at the end of the day !


last friday saw me in A & E for 3 hours with one of my children - alcohol related, much to everyones shame It struck me that during the time we were there the only people who were admitted were there because of alcohol abuse, I wonder how much money the NHS had to spend on that Friday night, how much police time was wasted, how many people were involved in fights or accidents
maybe the NHS, police and other services should be able to send bills out to all of those (including my daughter) who are there because of self inflicted conditions, maybe then people would start to think twice about their lifestyles
I found the whole evening sad